• Contributor, V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy) – Democracy, Elections and Political Parties in Zanzibar(2000-2020).
  • Researcher, Providing for Peacekeeping Project – International Peace Institute (IPI) (2015-Ongoing).
  • Research in Popular Music and Culture (2019-Ongoing).
  • Research in Politics and Elections in Tanzania (Ongoing).

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Caged Free Bird

Free Caged bird How can a bird be free and yet caged one may wonder why can’t they chose to be free and break from “bondage”? Actually, on second thought it’s quite relatable just in different circumstances but the majorly when it comes to our inner thoughts and societal expectations. But today I’m not going talk about that, not that I’m undermining how vital the subject matter is. But I’m sure a break from overthinking it would be nice at least just for today.   I’m writing this on “Mashujaa” day a Kenyan...