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The postings are a personal reflection on local and international political, economic, and social events. My personal credo is based on my belief in God, respect for human rights, equality, and freedom for all. I love my country Tanzania and am a citizen of the world. My objective is to serve society by imparting knowledge through service and leadership.

Dr Nicodemus Minde is currently a researcher with the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in Nairobi. He was previously a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (International Relations Department) – Catholic University of Eastern Africa. Minde previously worked as an Associate Researcher (Writing, Research and Publication) at the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSL), Zanzibar, Tanzania. He is attached to the faculty at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the United States International University – Africa as an adjunct faculty. He has a PhD in in International Relations. He has done research in areas around African International Relations, foreign policy, peace and conflict in the Horn of Africa region, China-Africa relations (Tanzania) and political parties and democratization in Africa. read more..