Caged Free Bird


Free Caged bird

How can a bird be free and yet caged one may wonder why can’t they chose to be free and break from “bondage”? Actually, on second thought it’s quite relatable just in different circumstances but the majorly when it comes to our inner thoughts and societal expectations. But today I’m not going talk about that, not that I’m undermining how vital the subject matter is. But I’m sure a break from overthinking it would be nice at least just for today.

I’m writing this on “Mashujaa” day a Kenyan kind of festival that celebrates the Justice League of then. Umm but do we relate, no we are not an ungrateful and rebellious generation presumed to be, or maybe we are just a little or more. Though isn’t conforming to normalcy automatically rebellion for our case.

Sorry got side tracked their for a moment, there  seems to be much that’s pleading and bleeding to be outed from within. Coming out is not for today I’m not gay if that’s what you are thinking but even if I am does it matter. Well like every other XX and XY chromosome in existence I also have a thing. Not giving it a label kind of  gives it freedom before you finish the article and we’ll give your opinion, judgement that thankfully I’ll never know about.

Joining school, work or anything that includes congregation and conversation is a cage. Whether you are an extrovert, introvert or just simply you, which is a natural phenomena a society craves order and chaos. For my case I’m going to relive my university years and see what did I crave in the society I got caged in..

I am the student whom you don’t know their name who sits somewhere in between class, whom you wouldn’t notice even if I missed class. So definitely not popular. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want you to pay attention to me cause if you did it’s like a longer sentence. I’m comfortable with the expectations given from my classmates well most the ones that have no idea who I am.

First impressions suck if you asked me cause now you have to live up to the image created until you un-masquerade. Being blunt will not make it any easier. “Just wing it then fuck “a friend of mine always says. I have a feeling you might edit that out if you will read it. Even if not it’s a story and thank heavens for anonymity.

Where were we expectations, this is becoming longer than intended. All really want to say or ask is does anyone feel caged and free at the same time. I’m I one to care about others’ opinions but sometimes I might. I’m not that good of a communicator either. I can’t remember a day well when of course not the few when I’m at home, that I see the struggle to understand what I am trying to say. I quit most of the time. I don’t blame them I’m just well you also don’t need to know that.

I feel like I’m going in circles and speaking from my point of view I think that’s how we address our situations both old and young. Writing this article I intended  to whine about how I feel stupid not being able to voice my opinions and express my feelings. How university became an evolved cage. Because I haven’t changed still scared of my parents well that would be wrong term. Like of course scared to disappoint them like any other kid out there.

But mostly because the little things that mean much to me might not mean as much to them. I appreciate and I’m absolutely grateful for them paying attention to my education truly. I am a socially awkward human and I’m working on it. I want to go to hike, watch movies and well do whatever it is that my spirit wills not anything life threatening I’m not that bold yet.

What was I talking about oww yes Mashujaa day. So whose my shujaa I guess for me it’s everyone whose bold enough to chase after their dreams, bold enough to ask for what they deserve, bold enough to just  breathe another second trust me it’s not as simple as ABC. However, you that struggle with your thing, thoughts, regrets and even you who does nothing at all about the situation when you are stack my vigilante. I hope an older or younger me will be happy with the freed caged bird I was and will be come.

And one last honourable mention Mr Minde you are a shujaa you break the rules, not really but you are authentic and asthenic. I appreciate having being a passing by bystander in your train station. Thank you for just being you.

I’m not sure what I was going to be writing about all I know is I’m happy I wrote and I guess that’s enough of a reason to write.

Yours sincerely

Free Caged bird 🙂