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Is the government doing enough for the economic development of rural youth in Kenya?

By Peter Kirongothi   The United Nations (UN) defines ‘Youth’ as persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years. However, this is not regarded as explicit. Article 260 of Kenya’s constitution defines a youth as a person between the ages of 18 and 35 years. A country’s youth is usually considered as the economic driving force and to some degree, political and cultural as well. Ignoring this population could prove to be pernicious. Dissatisfaction by this group can easily spiral out of control with a snowball effect incentivized by technological advancements...

Youth Radicalization in Kenya: Tough Economic times or decay in Societal Values and Morals?

By Joy Murugi Recruitment of youths into extremist groups and in particular, Al Shabaab has become common in Kenya. This has caused instability and sense of insecurity and has negatively impacted Kenya’s economy . In 2018, a study funded by USAID showed that more than 200 young men had been recruited into Al Shabaab from Isiolo county alone.  Internet and social media have made recruitment even easier as Al Shabaab has been systematically and intentionally using the internet to spread Jihadist propaganda. On 15th January 2019, Dusit 2 hotel and complex was...