Wake Up!


By Umu Jalo 

Hey you! Pause for a moment. Hold whatever it is that you are doing for at least three minutes before you resume your routine on the hamster wheel that you have found yourself in.  Do you think that this is it? Being born, going to school by the time you get to four years’ old, being churned through the worlds educational systems, coming out at whatever level, high school, graduate, or even a professor? Do you think that all you were meant to be was a cog in the wheel of someone’s’, and a really mysterious someone’s giant machine? Buzzing away in the workforce for fifty something years of your life, rarely going for long breaks or vacations, only to retire and go back home, wherever that is and wait out the rest of your years in your current life until you die? I say current life because that is a whole other Pandora’s box we can delve into, if you may, some other time. But, back to the question, is this really it?

Well, the answer is simple. No its not, you know it’s not. There has been that nagging feeling that the current shit storm our current world finds itself in is definitely not it. The rising costs of living, shortages, pandemics (were are at monkey pox now, here we go again!), climate change and global warming, wars and crises everywhere? I could go on all day. This surely cannot be the world that we know deep down we were meant to live in.

So, now that we have established that this cannot be it, then what is? Well, let us look to start somewhere right? Because the answer to that can be as lethal as a loaded gun, no… scratch that, as a bazooka to your current worldview, shattering all that you have learnt until now to be your truth! So, lets first reflect on the questions raised above, while looking at our current lives, as individuals and as a collective. Deep down, a majority of us are governed by love from the time we are born. Think of the unconditional love and innocence babies are born with, and have, up to a certain point where we are swallowed into the system, and straight away we are exposed to the harshness that is our current world and cannot afford to be that version of childlike innocence anymore. That form of pure, untainted love is what we need to navigate back to, and raise our individual and collective consciousness for the next phase of our collective evolution as humanity.

Been hearing a ringing in your ears of late? Seeing numbers in synchronicities, headaches? From those dull ones to the crippling ones, dehydrated often? And the fatigue, oh my goodness, don’t get me started there? Well, all these are symptoms of a purge that humanity, and our current systems is undergoing. It’s not only in our bodies, mother earth, Gaia, is also experiencing the same, purging all the toxicity and harm we and our ancestors have inflicted upon her for all those years. Heard of the saying, as above, so below? Yep…that’s it. I say this because I somehow know, from the rabbit holes I have been down in this past year, and from the symptoms I have been experiencing myself.

Tell you what, let’s go on this journey together, if you may. That is, if this resonates with you. If it does not, please by all means ignore it as the mindless rants of a fluttering soul. Listen to your inner voice, go within, and you will find that you have always had the answers to life’s big questions within you, you have just forgotten and you need to work on remembering, because time is of the essence. It is called the universe within for a reason.

To help you with your journey of remembering, I have found that the following simple and doable actions help,

First off, unplug yourself! Literally put down your phone, (it will give you a hunchback if it hasn’t already, among other deformities both on your physical and spiritual being). I know you know this already. Better yet, turn off all the screens around you, just for a while, and go outside into the sun, every day. Soak in all the benefits of our central sun, take in all the fresh air that is available, look for it if you have to, especially if you are living in a fog and smog filled city that has been made that way with the constant chemtrails sprays (topic for another day). Listen to your body, the meat you are constantly bogging down your gut is not helping you much is it? You know it. So why not incorporate organic fruit and vegetables every so often? Move your physical form while outside, a walk perhaps? A sprint, every so often? Water! Oh goodness this is your elixir, to help with the dehydration and the purging. All this will help you tune to a higher frequency, like when you do when you are looking for your favorite radio station when you turn that dial. Then, here is where the magic is, get a notebook that you will be jotting down notes that come to you from your diving deep sessions with yourselves. It will not be pretty at first, I am telling you this for free, since purges are ugly. The unlearning of all the toxic traits we have picked up so far from our life’s journey. But, it is all worth it at the end, I promise. Sending lots of love and light your way.



Umu hails from Nairobi, Kenya and is an avid communicator. She runs a business communications consultancy, Diallo Communications Ltd, which focuses on providing communications solutions ranging from document translations, meetings and conference interpretation, simultaneous interpretation equipment hire and conference technical services, among other services in the events industry. Together with her team of professional linguists and technicians, she makes both regional and international meetings run smoothly on the communications front.  She works with organizations that are aligned to the sound goals within Africa’s development vision and focus on people led initiatives for development.


She is also a student at the United States International University – Africa working on her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, concentrating on Development Studies. She is also a Toastmaster, currently finishing her Level 5 on her educational path of Strategic Relationship