Trust the process; let go of fear


By Umu Jalo

You probably have had this phrase a gazillion times in your journey through your current life so far. It’s become a catchphrase with modern gurus and their endless motivational rants. Have you ever stopped and dissected this phrase though? Tried looking at it from all angles at first, then depending on which lens that resonates with your life journey, applied it and sat back to see it work it’s magic?

Well, the two phrases, trust the process and let go of fear are powerful enough on their own, leave alone being side by side. In essence, it means letting go in trying to control the outcomes of any situation we come across, and let time and life work its magic. What everyone does not tell you however is of your role in the process as well. See, this phrase is often linked to letting go and trusting that God will make a way. Well, what part do you have in creating the way as well?

See, we are all creators of our own reality first. We choose what experiences we go through in life, whether we like it or not. Now, that’s a loaded statement right there, some of you will come at me with pitchforks! We’ll, I said what I said…you chose this, and are continuing to do so by the thoughts and actions you have and do every single minute of your life.

Now that that’s out of the way, how does trusting the process work for us? Well, it’s important to let go of any fear of any form to give it a fighting chance. Fear holds us back and forces us to live substandard lives, as compared to what could be. It paralyzes us and holds us back from realising our true potential, in anything we would want to achieve in life.

Trusting the process for me has worked wonders so far and made me bask in the journey instead of focusing on the destination. It’s the letting go of the fear that has given me so much peace, that I sleep like a new born baby almost every night these days. I tell you this to show you that yes, I have become my own guinea pig and tested it out first before churning it out here.

Here’s a challenge, as you trust the process, let go of the fear as well. Fear of what will probably not happen, but you have made it so real in your head, that it’s almost tangible. Push the boundaries of the limitations that either you or society have put up and currently not serving you in your life path, and consciously observe what happens in the process. Remember, you are a creator of your own reality first, whether you know it or not. Make it worthwhile being here, and see the magic play out.



Umu hails from Nairobi, Kenya and is an avid communicator. She runs a business communications consultancy, Diallo Communications Ltd, which focuses on providing communications solutions ranging from document translations, meetings and conference interpretation, simultaneous interpretation equipment hire and conference technical services, among other services in the events industry. Together with her team of professional linguists and technicians, she makes both regional and international meetings run smoothly on the communications front.  She works with organizations that are aligned to the sound goals within Africa’s development vision and focus on people led initiatives for development.


She is also a student at the United States International University – Africa working on her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, concentrating on Development Studies. She is also a Toastmaster, currently finishing her Level 5 on her educational path of Strategic Relationship