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The Pulpit President: Religion and Ruto

By Iddah Apondi   The great Marxist thinker Karl Marx once opined that “religion is the opium of the people.” These words hold great resonance in the African continent. In examining Kenya and its dance with religion like other African countries, one can see that there exists a mixture of religion and the daily lives of people. The 2020 report on International Religious freedom: Kenya estimated that as of 2019 approximately 85.5% of the total population of Kenyans are Christians, 11% Muslim and less than 2% fall in to the religious groups...

Kujenga Amani: Opposition as ‘Incumbent’ and ‘Incumbent’ as Opposition: Analyzing the Key Issues in Kenya’s 2022 Presidential Campaigns

By Nicodemus Minde Recent victories by opposition parties in Zambia, Malawi, Cape Verde, and Ghana are challenging the power of the incumbent thesis in African elections. In Kenya, no sitting president has ever lost an election but a sitting president has seen his preferred candidate lose an election. In 2002, longtime President Daniel Moi saw his chosen successor Uhuru Kenyatta defeated by Mwai Kibaki in what was seen as the freest elections in Kenya’s history. Fast forward, twenty years on, President Uhuru Kenyatta is backing his longtime political nemesis turned ally...

My Analysis on TheConversation: Change of guard in Kenya: the 5 reasons neighbours watch every step

By Nicodemus Minde Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta – whose final term in office ends after the 9 August polls – has been a key figure in east Africa. Over the last nine years, he has tried to create markets and address issues like peace, malaria and climate change. Within the East African Community, he signalled the end of an era on 21 July when he handed over the bloc’s leadership to his Burundian counterpart, Evariste Ndayishimiye. International relations scholar Nicodemus Minde explores five reasons neighbouring states follow the change of guard in Nairobi very keenly. You can read...


Caged Free Bird

Free Caged bird How can a bird be free and yet caged one may wonder why can’t they chose to be free and break from “bondage”? Actually, on second thought it’s quite relatable just in different circumstances but the majorly when it comes to our inner thoughts and societal expectations. But today I’m not going talk about that, not that I’m undermining how vital the subject matter is. But I’m sure a break from overthinking it would be nice at least just for today.   I’m writing this on “Mashujaa” day a Kenyan...

Youth Radicalization in Kenya: Tough Economic times or decay in Societal Values and Morals?

By Joy Murugi Recruitment of youths into extremist groups and in particular, Al Shabaab has become common in Kenya. This has caused instability and sense of insecurity and has negatively impacted Kenya’s economy . In 2018, a study funded by USAID showed that more than 200 young men had been recruited into Al Shabaab from Isiolo county alone.  Internet and social media have made recruitment even easier as Al Shabaab has been systematically and intentionally using the internet to spread Jihadist propaganda. On 15th January 2019, Dusit 2 hotel and complex was...

The Cost of the Third Wave Democratization in Africa: Some Perspectives from Kenya

There is a need to be intentional in as far as shrugging off colonial legacy, particularly in as far as the view on ethnicity is concerned. Similarly, African leaders should harmonize institutional structures that would essentially bring about sustainability of development after their stay in power, rather than development occurring for the sake of a particular individual at the helm of power. ...