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Covid-19 and The Great Reset – Implications for Africa

By Karen Sugahara Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic on the 11th of March 2020, the disease has caused socio-economic havoc across the globe. Pressing is the magnification of existing inequalities between the haves and have not’s – both at the micro and macro-economic level. Critically, sectors including health, education and employment have been hard hit by the pandemic. These inequalities have been evident in all these sectors. For example, hospitals have lacked the required facilities to equally handle the pandemic, millions have lost...

The Cost of the Third Wave Democratization in Africa: Some Perspectives from Kenya

There is a need to be intentional in as far as shrugging off colonial legacy, particularly in as far as the view on ethnicity is concerned. Similarly, African leaders should harmonize institutional structures that would essentially bring about sustainability of development after their stay in power, rather than development occurring for the sake of a particular individual at the helm of power. ...


The Brain-drain and its debilitating effects on Contemporary African Development

By Mikhail Nyamweya Paul Collier, in his book The Bottom Billion asserts that Africa incorporates into the Global Capital Market in the form of capital flight, rather than through capital inflows. As such, Africa is currently experiencing a recalibration of the same in the form of ‘human capital flight’, which is mobile and untethered. This article explores the influence and effects of the brain-drain on African development with due consideration of the current dynamics within the continent. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Report (2017) establishes that there are about...