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Epilepsy and Relationships

By Lisa Kiarie Epilepsy is one of the highly misunderstood conditions in society. Individuals with epilepsy often go through difficult times. The one question is always consistent; what is epilepsy? Although many times people have thought it to be a cultural misfortune of some sort where the affected party is possessed by evil spirits, epilepsy […]
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Academic Achievements, 2020

The year 2020! What a year it has been. The global Coronavirus Pandemic has defined 2020. COVID19 has affected virtually all sectors of the economy. In early January, I received good news of a Visiting Fellowship at the Centre for African Studies (CAS) in Edinburgh. It was going to be an opportunity for me to […]
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Renewal; Healing

He stares into the sky A gaze of optimism Maybe renewal Possibly revival What more he ponders? Life, he wonders Looking forward he promises A smile he conjures Path to redemption A road to possible perfection What does the path manifest? Even he doesn’t know But he holds on with faith That it is the […]
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