Achieving My Diplomatic Vision through My Passion in Culinary Arts


By Teresa Muthoki

“I never start any task on a trial and error basis because I like to see my projects to a successful end.” These are words of Simon Gicharu, an entrepreneur and educationist from the bookLife Journeys Nuggetscompiled by Susan Wakhungu Githuku.


When I chose to pursue a Bachelors of Arts Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, I was never sure of what I wanted in life but I was certain that humanities and social sciences was my calling. At first I wanted to pursue Law but unfortunately my High School English grade ruled me out of the course. After a while, I began falling in love with this course. I loved its cohesive nature of bringing history and the contemporary together as well as its richness in interdisciplinarity. It also gives room for creativity and this is where I found my dream and ambition in life.


I am a third born in a family of five children and growing up with two elder sisters attracted me to a kitchen lifestyle. If I wasn’t outside playing with improvised kitchen tools with my neighbors, then I was definitely in the kitchen learning one or two things from my sisters, mother or father. Although I didn’t do much of the work one could see and tell that I was passionate about cooking and today I can boldly say it’s one of the God given talents that am proud of. I must say that cooking is in our bloodline from my dad down to our last born brother who is still learning the process passionately.


Besides cooking I am a talented actress and I love researching, reading and learning new things. Writing is a recent hobby I am cultivating. All this attracts creativity in many angles which has shaped the diplomatic dream that am working on. I have a story of how I came to start my own food brand that is driving me towards fulfilling my dream. Well, I have briefly touched on it in the previous paragraph but am currently documenting the whole the journey on our brand’s Instagram Page @holistic_bites with the title ‘THE THROWBACK SERIES’.

The above image is my brand logo. Generally the word holistic means ‘whole’, in that I intended to focus on food consumption as a whole perspective and not just a part of it. My goal is to achieve at least 60% of the Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3 and 12. SDG 2 is zero hunger and am achieving this by setting affordable prices on our products and services so that every social class can access them to satisfaction. Also by working hard to grow the brand so as to partner with other food brands and distribute food to marginalized communities in our country.


SDG 3 is about good health and well-being and am achieving this by using all natural and healthy ingredients to make our products. This is evident from our kashatas and our clients have given good reviews so far that are on our Instagram Page. Kashatas are dry snacks majorly made from desiccated coconut. They originate from the coastal region of Kenya. They can be consumed by people of age groups.

Photo 1: Beetroot Kashatas

Photo 11: Turmeric Kashatas

SDG 12 is about responsible consumption and production and am achieving this by making sure our products and services bring efficient waste management and they promote sustainable lifestyle habits. We intended to maintain this habit all through as a brand to achieve our mission. The United Nations’ mission statement of the SDGs is; a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all people by 2030.


More often than not, our big break is the sum of small but systematic actions that we carry out to make the most of every opportunity.


Teresa Muthoki is the Founder of Holistic Bites. She started this brand in September 2020 with a big vision around it. She is a food enthusiast with the passion to share her ideas and ambitions with the world. She is a talented, hardworking and resilient young lady with a dream to inspire and motivate other young talented individuals. Her principle is self-belief, which differentiates success from failure because it is the drive that invigorates one to achieve.